These small changes are designed to be made for good. For good, as in, forever and also for good, as in, to do good for ourselves and the planet we live in. To change a behaviour there needs to be a committment. Making a paid pledge is a way to be comitted. It's a small amount but it also helps us continue to spread the message and use the power of all your small changes to drive big changes. $3 from every pledge goes to Small Changes For Good to cover costs and the rest of your pledge amount goes to a Pledge Project. These are local, state or national initiatives that are doing good for our environment and our communities. 

Goal: Reduce soft plastic waste and toxic waste in waterways

What you'll need: Lectic soda, citric acid, salt, baking soda & tea tree oil.

Behaviour: Switch out your toxic dishwashing powder and individually wrapped dishwasher tablets for homemade powder.

FUN FACT: 'Lectric Washing Soda is made from 100% natural sodium carbonate and contains no phosphates, dyes, colourants or fragrance. It is a great alternative to cleaning products with harsh chemicals'. Plus, Lectric does not test products on animals! (7).

Pledge Size

To pledge for free, share this post with the hash tag #smallchangesforgood

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