Trapped into this guilt riddled lifestyle

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Damon Gameau touched on it very briefly in his 2040 handbook, which is a must read, and that is the concept of cognitive dissonance. It‘s something they teach all marketing students because it is the concept of buyers regret. We all know the feeling (and now I also know why they put expensive shoe stores next to bars). How cognitive dissonance relates to the climate change shake-up and the Small Change For Good movement is that here in Australia our lives are so geared and almost trapped into this guilt riddled lifestyle. If you read the post on the state of our planet, then you understand the need for change. However, knowing what the alternatives are, and how to change our habits and behaviours, is a whole different ball game.

This, I guess, is where I get to use my marketing powers for good.

By finding sustainable alternatives and using behavioural science to beat our habits, we can all be released from the guilt of our unsustainable lifestyles.

And it really does feel that way to me, like a weight has been lifted. It really does feel good to be green.

Make a small change for good