Why we need to make a change

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Climate change is real and we can all do something about. One change at a time.

I think that most of us has seen and heard the stats on whats going on with our planet (but if you haven't, you can find them below). Sticking our head in the sand honestly seems really appealing. With how quickly environmental trends can change and the limited time we have these days to sit behind a computer and research all the new environmental trends or be out on the picket line... how do we know what to do? It's just too overwhelming 🤦‍♀️ and besides, we are just one person or one family. It's the big corporations that need to make the change, right?.... but what if we made small changes that could affect the invisible hand?

The invisible hand is a term used in economics to describe how what we want, and what we buy, forces manufacturers and retailers to make it. If people don't want to buy it.. shops won't want to sell it. So what if we raised the demand collectively for products and initiatives that helped stabilise global warming? I believe we can do it. But we need to do it together.

So how bad is it? Do we really need to act now?