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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Image: Copyright Crittenden Estate

Crittenden Estate is a family owned winery on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. The winery has recently received one of the most prestigious sustainability awards that recognises not just sustainable growing practices but also wine quality. After all, what's the point in making really sustainable wine if it's not absolutely delicious. Crittenden Estate won the overall platinum award in the 2020 BRIT/FIVS International Sustainable Wine growing Competition. This award makes not only the Crittenden family proud, but all Australian's. It's wonderful to know that we have growers in our country leading the world in sustainable wine production.

Crittenden Estate

25 Harrison Road, Dromana Victoria 3916

03 5981 8322


What impact does wine production have on the environment?

Land management is a huge part of the global warming solution. The IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land tells us that "Sustainable land management can contribute to reducing the negative impacts of multiple stressors, including climate change, on ecosystems and societies" (IPCC 2019). Our population growth and insatiable consumption has seen us use unprecedented rates of land. Research by Burritt & Christ (2013) outline the concerns in wine production as:

  • Water use and quality

  • Organic and inorganic waste streams

  • Energy use

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)

  • Chemical use

  • Land use issues

  • Impacts on ecosystems.

What are Crittenden Estate doing to be more sustainable?

Image: Copyright Crittenden Estate

Crittenden's efforts come from the family's deep love of the land, and it all starts with the soil. The winery have stopped using all chemicals and now use inter row cropping of peas and oats and a composting cycle that produces healthier soil. GHGs have been reduced by introducing bees to pollinate fruiting trees, and solar panels have decreased energy use by 60%. Water use is another big concern with wine production, which has been reduced with water reclamation reuse with the property's water treatment plant.

“To win such a prestigious international award, particularly given the calibre of our fellow entrants is humbling; We are truly passionate about our sustainability and committed to regenerative programmes. There is no doubt these efforts are contributing to an increase in the quality of our wines, which is really rewarding. We will continue to push harder with our land care and wine advances for future generations” - Rollo Crittenden

Switch to sustainable wine

I was a big fan of Crittenden wine before I even knew about their sustainable practices. They have a huge range and I love every wine they have to offer, especially their Pinot Noir but they do win a lot of awards for their whites. One of my pet hates with wineries is feeling uncomfortable when I go and visit the cellar door because they exude so much snobbery. This absolutely isn't the case with Crittenden. They are so warm, friendly and inviting. They also do a sit down tasting which makes it a more comfortable experience to share with friends. Another fun part about the tasting experience is how they pour two wines at a time, this way you can compare and choose your favourite.

If you can't get to see them at the cellar door they have wine sales through their website and I highly recommend their wine club. I've been to a few of their events and they all have that same warm and inviting, family vibe. Great for a wine novice like myself.

This message was brought to you with love from 10HORN Creative for the Small Changes for Good project. I didn't receive any payment for this post.. I'm just sharing the awesome sustainable things that businesses are doing so that we can all make Small Changes for Good :)

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