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Learn why it’s important to make change.

Understanding the state of our planet and the dire need for change is the first step. To make any change we need to know why we are doing it and what the benefits will be for taking action.



Choose a small change.

We have a list of small changes that are easy to make in your life. Each month we add another change, they could be by me and my team, or by you and other Change Warriors. 

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Make a pledge.

This is an important step because changing habits isn't easy. When you make a social pledge, you are making a commitment and that helps you stick to it. 

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Make the change.

Once you have pledged to make your Small Change For Good cocoon yourself with our content. We will support you with information about how to make your change with reminders, videos, chat groups, workshops and more. 


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Emerge from the chrysalis.

You did it! You made a small change in your life towards a more sustainable future. Now start your next Small Changes mission, share your success and inspire others to do the same. 

Don't worry, it's free :)