Like Ghandi said..

"Be the change you want to see in the world"


We'll help you learn more about the new change you're making, how to beat bad habits and make a SMALL CHANGE FOR GOOD, for you and generations to come.

Reusable shopping bags
Never use plastic produce or shopping bags again. Switch to a re-useable option.
No balloons
Balloons are one of the top 3 most harmful pollutants. Switch them for a party box full of fun reusable decorations.
Eat less beef
Beef production is by far the biggest contributor to carbon emissions. If you are going to eat it, choose organic, grain fed... or just go without.
Soap is dope
Soap on a rope is dope. Switch out your plastic pump bottles for a bar of soap.
Bio doggy bags
Using a single use plastic bag to pick up poop is not recycling.. it still ends up in landfill. This is a tough change because there isn't many great alternatives. At least switch to a biodegradable bag.
Reusable straws
Plastic straws are deadly for marine life last for hundreds of years and are used for sheer moments. Switch to bamboo, glass or stainless steel.
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