For Profit for good

We are for profit and for a very good reason. We get that commercialism and materialism is what got us into this mess in the first place. However we also know that with your help we can work on making some big changes as well as the small. Find out more below

For Profit for good

Dan Pallotta sums up really well through his own experiences why having a For-Profit-For-Good type of business can reach more people and make a bigger impact quicker and easier than Non-Profits can. 


Social innovation, climate change, manipulating demand on a mass scale, are big scale problems. Not being tied to the scrutiny of a Non-profit gives me hope that we can reach a greater audience and one day hopefully have the financial backing to make some big changes. I'd love to work on solving the recycling issue that most Australian municipalities have at the moment. I'd also love to have the financial backing to hire the best minds to drive more innovation on how we can support not only individuals but big businesses in making sustainable changes to their practices. 

In the meantime, I'd like to just make enough to keep myself in part-time employment and use the skills I've acquired at Uni so that I keep inspiring & supporting Small Changes For Good.


and our $3 cut

About me

- Bonnie ten Hoorn 

Founder, Small Changes For Good

I'm Bonnie and I'm a Marketer... there. I said it. Well, it's my major at least. I started a business degree when I had my son because I wanted to be home with him in those first years, but I also wanted to up-skill and not become stagnant in my career. So I chose marketing. It blends my two greatest loves, science and creativity. I'm almost at the end of my bachelor’s degree and I'm looking at going into an MBA in sustainability or digital marketing. Despite my background, I've been successful in my academic pursuits. However, the more I learned about my industry, the more I realised there were some pretty gritty ethical boundaries that were often crossed. So what if I used my marketing powers for good? What would I do? How could I use my knowledge of behavioural science, business management, product development & distribution to something that could benefit society?... and so, Small Changes was born. 


Now let's be transparent. I do still have a husband to please, so I do still need to bring home some sustainably sourced or plant-based bacon to the table. My hope is that with this project, I can earn a modest part-time wage and learn more about my craft, so that I can continue with my studies in sustainable business practices and start making big changes where it matters most.

I sincerely hope you will see the genuine nature of my endeavours, because I truly believe that being a business manager or being a marketer doesn't mean that you have to sell your soul to the devil.  Kindness is often mistaken for naivety. I'm here to prove that wrong and that sustainability is the future, not just for everyday living, but also for the business world. 

When I'm not working or studying, I love my family, my dog Jimmy, my Kombi, my garden, my friends, cooking, wine and the blues. I'm a proud ENFJ-T modern hippy, and I'm just a digital girl, in a digital world.


Peace ✌️

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Small Changes For Good by 10HORN Creative, a place to engage with sustainable living and sustainable business management

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